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Information Insight® Solution Suite is the premier highly flexible and effective big data analysis solution from Subsystem Technologies, Inc. (SUBSYSTEMs), which provides targeted analysis that maximizes insight into enterprise data to improve and expedite decision making. This data-driven solution enables the efficient compilation, sorting, and analysis of massive amounts of government enterprise data - often from disparate sources - and makes it useful in the strategic decision making process.

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HOW Information Insight® Works with BIG DATA

  • Proven methodology which coordinates resources and processes
  • Employs scalable algorithms for complex data integration, validation and governance
  • Supports immediate discovery of BIG DATA sources providing real-time insights
  • Produces customer-defined, data-driven analytics
Proven Methodology Proven Methodology

Critical Elements

The Information Insight® Solution is a methodology combining people,
processes and technology to ensure enterprise data validation and management
to identify trends and patterns to achieve enterprise strategic goals. Critical Elements

Essential Steps

The Information Insight® Solution Suite starts with a functional analysis of the user needs for the intelligent interpretation of the data and results reporting.

The primary Functional Steps are:

Essential Steps

  • Customized algorithms facilitate:
    - Accumulating information
    - Conducting Analysis according to client needs
  • Updates can be staged, on demand or real-time
  • Security runs across entire solution

Essential Security

The Information Insight® Solution Suite provides:

  • Application Access Security - Administrators can manage and define user access according to user groups, departments or roles
  • Data Access Security - Access to information can be restricted down to the data-value level so that users will see only the information they need to see
  • External Security - Supports external security systems and authentication schemes, including operating system and database management security as well as extended security packages such as LDAP, ADS, secureWay, Entrust and VeriSign

Why Information Insight®?

  • Predicts through analysis, trends, and shortcomings
  • Enhances risk-based decision making
  • Enables refocusing and optimizing the analysis of vast amounts of data with customized dashboards
  • Improves management oversight and compliance requirements
  • Reveals information and events that were not anticipated by the client
Proven Methodology